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"...accentuate varieties, textures, and colours to create a 'natural composition' with a secluded atmosphere"

Paul Murphy Gardens is a design and consultation business based out of Victoria, BC, Canada. Victoria’s climate, with a hardiness zone of 8B, allows for the maximum amount of flexibility with plant material and diversity in design. Paul believes that great design should show the character of the locality with respect to climate and materials. However, he is also expert at executing ‘Zonal Denial’ with the exotic building material that can be experimented with in microclimates.

What I do

My unique plant-driven design style revolves around lush garden plantings. I love to incorporate the use of deep plant beds, large islands for maximum plant viewing appreciation, and the use of smaller spaces within a larger garden. In these plantings, I strive to use not just tried and true specimen plants, but also new, rare and unusual cultivars. Repetition is important to accentuate varieties, textures, and colours to create a ‘natural composition’ with a secluded atmosphere. Instead of relying solely on the flowering season of plants, I use foliage texture, shape, size, colour, and plant form for an overall, four-season garden.


"...texture, shape, size, colour, and plant form for an overall, four-season garden"


What I like

I find inspiration from Gertrude Jekyll’s ‘Wild Gardens’, William Robinson’s design ideals and writings, designs around the Gardenesque-style of plant collecting, and natural compositions of exotics, as well as a love of the eclectic. I find the use of art in the garden to be a highly desirable element, especially in smaller gardens or in ‘Garden Rooms’. My compulsion for collecting the unusual and my love of architectural plants results in spaces that are comfortably lush and stunningly elegant. I have a deep affection for displaying plants’ individualities while creating a design that flows effortlessly.

What I bring

I have the ability to transform any garden into a work of art with sensational, sustainable solutions. My painstaking attention to detail, as well as the versatility and wealth of experience I bring, allows me to design spaces that are dramatic yet harmonious in composition. Simple solutions for awkward spots and shady nooks, or comprehensive compositions for heavily planted beds and larger spaces, my skilled design methods guide the installation process with phenomenal results.

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